July 10, 2011

Rauwerdink Girls | Children

Kimmy grew up with my husband. Their families are close-knit and always have been. Most call her Kim. She's quite a spitfire but the years have softened her edges. She has such a kind heart.

Emma, her oldest, is a firecracker. She will give mama a run for her money one day and I can't wait to watch. Both of Kimmy's girls are filled with spirit. We like 'em sassy. 

We gathered at a park I grew up playing hopscotch at. In the eighth grade I would swing for hours with my two best friends and we'd talk about boys. (One of them being my husband.) It's pretty special to be reminded of those times when I glimpse the familiar yellow house across the way. We spent a lot of life in that park, and so will Kimmy's girls.